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Clinical Hypnotherapist (PG Dip, MPA, MA (Oxon), BSCH)

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

This ground-breaking 5 hour sound programme for adults and children uses filtered pop / rock or classical music. It trains the middle ear muscles to tune-in to cues of safety that are signalled by the specific frequency range of the human voice. This is very effective in reducing any symptom that is linked to feeling unsafe, anxious or disconnected. In particular, it can improve

- sound sensitivities and auditory processing, which is especially helpful for clients who are stressed by particular sounds or noisy environments

- regulation of emotions, including anger and anxiety. 

- social engagement, helping clients to feel calm and connected to others

- regulation of the autonomic nervous system, which can often lead to unexpected benefits (e.g. in digestion).  

Most clients listen to the programme remotely, at home, over a period of around 3-4 weeks with regular communication, check-in online sessions and some therapeutic support. For some clients, especially those with a history of trauma, some or all SSP listening sessions will be face-to-face, integrated with their therapy programme (e.g. also using hypnotherapy with EMDR) and the programme may take a little longer to complete. 

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